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Dog Grooming Red Deer – The Best Pet Grooming in Red Deer, AB

Our vision is to provide pet owners and caregivers with the ultimate care their pet deserves. This, in turn, guarantees peace of mind and build up trust as well. We endeavor to create a partnership with our clients by providing ultimate care for animals. We operate a schedule-based program to keep your dog professionally groomed. We know the bond between a pet and a family is a powerful one, we acknowledge the fact that you trusted us with your beloved pet. For this reason, we always strive to ensure we do a clean job by providing safe care and handling for your pet. We are always searching for unique ways to serve you. We offer quality service that will wow your senses; we will return your pet in a healthier and better condition.


Reasons For Our Dog Grooming Red Deer Services


We Understand Your Needs

We know how tight schedules can be, and not everyone has the time to groom his pet appropriately. You might not even have the time to think of the needs of your pet in a changing environment. This is why you need the service of a well-trained and specialized pet grooming company. Fortunately, we are here for you, to cater for all your pet needs. You don’t have to worry about all the grooming your pet needs. Allow us to cater to that and the general well-being of your pet.

Quality Service

We are the best Red Deer dog grooming company that offers quality services as required. We know what your pet needs even before you mention them. So, relax and allow us to do the job. We will ensure your pet looks great and healthy. We offer fully customized services. Hence, we work with your schedule, time frame and preferred location. Grooming your pet couldn’t be better with our services.

Extensive Care

We offer extensive Red Deer pet grooming services, not just a dog bath. We check your pet for common ailments and skin irritations, and we also ensure your pet looks clean, healthy and strong as we leave.

Dog Grooming Is Our Passion

Pet grooming is more than a job to us. It’s stemmed from a genuine love and enthusiasm for animals. Our well-trained sitters and groomers have an undying passion for pet and what they stand for in the world of humans. We also educate our clients on the special need of their pets. We offer timely guidance and recommendation to help you improve the life of your pet and ensure they live healthily. This is not just your regular dog grooming service, and we are undoubted the only dog grooming center with a difference.

We Fill In The Gap

It’s common to see some pets with bushy hair and overgrown nails. All over the world, pet owners struggle to give their pet a befitting lifestyle of comfort amidst other life challenges and busy schedules. We understand all these, that is why we are dedicated to giving you nothing but the best dog grooming service in. We fill in the gap between official grooming agents of pets and the actual owners. You don’t need to worry if we can deliver or not. Let us do all the thinking on your behalf. We keep to our words. We are proud of the fact that our unique services can speak for us anytime. However, we offer customized grooming services, and we want you to see it as a convenient means of caring for your little pet.

Meet Our Staff

To enjoy our unique dog grooming Red Deer services, feel free to contact us. Our well-trained experts will be glad to assist you on any inquiry and ensure you got the best professional service as quickly as possible. There is no other time to groom your pet other than now.

Affordable Services

No other Red Deer dog grooming company can provide your pet with so much care for a little price. Our services are highly affordable and tailored to the specific needs of your dog. Call us, let us give your pet a wonderful treat. With our wide range of services and support, we still offer the best grooming options in the industry.

Fully Licensed & Insured

We are a licensed dog grooming company near you. Our insurance ensures that we provide quality care for your dog with confidence and due diligence knowing that your pet is fully protected from possible harm.

Services We Provide

If you want your pet to stay healthy and strong always, then regular grooming is essential. Our services are encompassing to include grooming of old animals, young dogs, and animals with special needs. No matter the situation of your pet, we have a solution for them all. Our offers include the following:

Dog Washing & Bathing

Bathing your dog regularly is an essential aspect of providing quality care for your pet. But most times, your busy schedule might fail you, or you might forget to keep to the set timing for bathing your pet. When such happens, you can call on us. We offer both planned and impromptu appointments. We will give your dog a good bath that will keep it healthy and refreshed.

Nail Trimming & Clipping

It is recommended that you should keep your dog’s nails tidy and neat always to prevent breaking, soreness, ingrown nails, and tears. Are you finding it difficult to understand how to trim your dog nails effectively without causing any injury? As hard as you might try, you can’t do it all. If you want a professional to do it and relief you from such stress, get in touch with us.

Teeth Brushing

You can help your dog to curb dental diseases with our affordable teeth brushing service. We will help you care for your dog’s teeth and gums to prevent bad breath, infection, and pain. We provide at-home dental floss, an exercise that takes just a few minutes to perform. It is guaranteed to give your pet long-lasting fresh breath and healthy gums.

Ear Cleaning

We provide professional dog grooming service for commercial and residential pet owners alike. If you are probably wondering how to clean your pet’s ear effectively or you simply got no time to think about it, we are glad to help you. Get in touch with us to help you care for your dog and offer a thorough ear wash and ear massaging service. We also care for an ear infection as well.


Mats are solid clumps that are commonly found on a dog’s body especially in those areas where the fur rub against each other. We can help you prevent mats through a regular grooming routine. If your dog already has mats between its furs, we can use our expertise to remove them and their effects on your dog skin. We even take care of the most stubborn mats.

Anal Gland Cleaning

Your dog’s anal sacs have some smelly fluid that needs to be emptied occasionally. Is your dog fond of licking or chewing its rear? This is an obvious sign that you need to empty the anal gland from a fluid build up. Anal glands are found around your dog’s anus and need some help to release it.


We offer the best dog de-skunking service in the locality. Get in touch with us and allow us to de-skunk your dog.


Dogs usually shed off their hair after the fall season. But not enough to make them look good and healthy. You may see lots of hair on different parts of your home. Your pet can become uncomfortable carrying loads of hair all around all day long. We are known for our high-quality dog de-shedding service using special treatment sprays used to get undercoat from your pet right from the tub. You won’t believe how lovely and healthy your pet will look after our thorough de-shedding service. Get in touch with us today!

Dog Daycare –  Dog Grooming Red Deer

We offer exceptional dog day care Red Deer services for clients who need a safe place to keep their pet for some time. Our doggie daycare services include full and half-day care, on-site grooming, holiday boarding, and dog socialization. We see your dog as an individual, so we have outlined care programs to cater for their special needs as humans. We have heated dog cabins for your pet to relax as well as a dedicated puppy nursery for small dogs. We will also engage your pet in social and fun activities to build up its social senses and stimulation. Your dog will spend the day exploring, resting and socializing with pals at our Red Deer doggie daycare.

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